Unorthodox Methods

Embracing the unknown, exploring the world, connecting humanity


We love discussing and reflecting on the past, the current and the future: a social, economic, and ecological just society. On how ecosystems interact and disconnect.
On how acting as an individual or organization can unintentionally cause harm, and why zooming out and understanding the bigger picture is necessary to avoid a reproduction of injustice. How we exclude people, and how exclusion disrupts ecosystems. We should reconnect with nature and use all the chains of our ecosystems.
So let’s talk if you need us for a keynote, a lecture, or moderating your event(s).


 Exploring is our second nature. Discovering new things and new connections. All these new insights and treasures will leave beautiful sparks behind that are nurtured by your people’s energy.
A little disclaimer, we help your team to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Our aim is not necessarily to provide your team with answers. We nurture their curiosity, making the unknown fascinating, not a threat. We must embrace the unknown to find solutions for today’s challenges.
So let’s explore how we can guide your team through their first steps in outer space—going on an adventure where it’s all about discovering the ecosystem(s) and understanding how they interact.


Doing puzzles makes us happy. Nothing fascinates us more than seeing all the pieces fall into place.
Our approach helps you to understand the interaction and interconnectedness on three levels: team, organization, and society.
We’ll help you broaden your scope to find and use all the potential already there. You’ll get value from the untold and unheard stories. You’ll enrich your organization by activating all these chains of your ecosystem.
Who are the decision-makers, and what voices and narratives are excluded? What are the side effects of your acting?
Let us help you redesign your decision-making and policy process and secure the new inclusion policy in your organization.

Regenerative organizations foster regenerative communities.

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