Academy for corporate activists

Challenging the status quo


What can we learn from activists?

And how can you use those strategies to help your organization do better?

Join the movement of change agents, and let’s work on creating a social, ecological, and economically balanced world.

They work for different organizations and are willing to do more than just their work. They are ready to take responsibility and try to change systems of injustice from the inside out.

Does this sound like you? You are not alone in this. Sign up for the Corporate Activists Academy and meet your tribe of change agents!

We also offer tailored in-company programs (traineeships, modules, lectures) where you will learn how to use corporate activism as a theory and strategy for change.

You’ll discover the lessons learned and strategies from activists. You’ll learn (what they don’t teach you in management programs) that resistance is not a threat but a gift from society to you—helping you to get aware of the impact that you can make by using those voices to make better decisions. We also provide a team of critical thinkers who are not afraid to challenge the status quo and help you to humanize your policy and decision-making. And decrease the gap between policymakers and those impacted by your policy.

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