Moving in circles? Avoid the shiny object syndrome.

Focus is the remedy for getting things done. And yes we all try to stay focused, right?

But how many of my coaching, consultants and experts friends face those days that you think you have done a lot. But at the end of the day you don’t see results?

If you are feeling that you are not making the right progress you are probably (tech)overwhelmed.

From the moment you enter the world of social media your attention will be captured by ‘gurus’ who promise you a solution for your problem. Lots of shiny objects. So there you are seeking for help and buying the “solution”.

There is nothing wrong with seeking for help. But please be sure that it is what you really need: define the solution.

The only thing you need to do is getting clients for your service, right?

Instead of buying new software, new gadgets or a new e-course, try to deep dive into the problem: what is holding you back from moving from point a to b? What is your point a and what is your point b? And what do you really need to take the next step?

So be very clear what the transition is you need to make and cut this in tangible results. Take action and achieve great results.